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FAKE NEWS: CNN's Chris Cuomo Pushes False Story About Buying AR-15 Without ID, Then Lies About It

Ben Shapiro

On Tuesday, CNN’s Chris Cuomo retweeted the account of one @usaphotodude quoting a reporter named Cody Davis. The tweet stated, “I was able to buy an AR-15 in five minutes. I’m 20 and my ID is expired.” There’s only one problem: that never happened. The article itself states, “After [the sales representative] walked me through the paperwork, all five pages of it, I told him I changed my mind and wanted to think more before I bought an AR-15. He told me it wasn’t a problem and listed the store hours if I wanted to come back. I then said thank you and walked back to my car.”

In other words, the guy couldn’t buy the gun without ID and a proper background check, as per federal law.

But that’s not what Cuomo tweeted out.

When called on it, Cuomo tweeted, “Isn’t the point that the kid’s age and lack of ID wasn’t a deterrent? and this isn’t all gun shops. Place I bought my shotgun basically goes farther than the law requires and makes judgments about whom to sell to. Point is the system should be better.”

Which, of course, is not the point. The point is that Cuomo tweeted out false information. National Review’s Charles Cooke pointed that out:

Cuomo responded by misdirecting to an unrelated topic:
So, as usual, a gun control-pushing member of the mainstream media lied about the facts, then lied when confronted about it. But these are the supposed objective sources of truth to whom we are supposed to look for unbiased information. 
Ben Shapiro, The Daily Wire, 22-2-2018
Este Cuomo é irmão do outro Cuomo, governador (Democrata) do Estado de Nova Iorque...

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    The media constantly denounce President Trump for ripping their dishonesty; they claim he’s destroyed their credibility with the public. That’s just another lie. Every day, they destroy their own credibility with the public.


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