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Government Reopens: Who wins… Trump or Pelosi?

Bobby Eberle

President Trump has reopened the government, and Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are taking credit. Who are the winners and losers of Round 1? Did Trump cave in, or is this just part of a bigger political game plan to get the border wall?

After thirty-five days, President Trump asked Congress to present him with legislation that would temporarily reopen the government. Funding for the border wall was not part of his request, and the Democrats jumped at the opportunity to claim victory.

Trump said the government will open for three weeks, so that workers can get paid and negotiations can resume on a larger border security bill. The problem is that not once have the Democrats actually negotiated. Trump offered a compromise on DACA. He offered a compromise on TPS. Now he has reopened the government.

Also, Sen. Kamala Harris has thrown her hat in the ring for president of the United States. She joins a growing field of candidates who espouse the same policies that have brought Venezuela down. Do Americans really want socialism? Please leave your comments below and also on the YouTube channel.

Bobby Eberle
, 28-1-2019

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