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I Am Targeting Trump's Enemies, Help Me Fight Back


I have never seen in my life a more outrageous media bias against an American president!
President Trump is under siege.

He condemns neo-Nazis and white supremacists and the media says he “doesn’t go far enough.”

He reminds voters at his rally in Arizona that he promised to build the wall — and he will build the wall.

Elitist media like “Morning Joe” and MSNBC parade “experts” who say the president is “crazy” or suffering from “dementia.”

Friends, this isn’t George Orwell’s “1984.” It is America, 2017.

We are in trouble.

And frankly, I must admit to you I think President Trump is in danger.
When I wrote my best-selling book, “Big Agenda: President Trump’s Plan to Save America,” I warned the president of the coming wrath he would face if he stood up to the liberal establishment.

Members of the liberal establishment claim President Trump is acting dictatorial, without regard to law.
But the truth is, they are!

The president has full authority to vet potential terrorists from entering the country.
For doing so they called him a bigot.

He has every right to step up enforcement of on-the-books laws in dealing with illegal aliens.
For doing so they called him a racist.

He called GOP leaders on the carpet for THEIR failure to pass an Obamacare repeal they promised . . . or any other legislation the president’s pen has been crying out to sign.
For doing so, they said he’s isolated and alone.

He said no way to Barack Obama and John Kerry’s Paris climate agreement that will KILL American jobs.
For doing so they call him a right-wing lunatic.

Friends, this is not about Donald Trump. This is about the future of America.

If they can take out President Trump, our very future as a nation is endangered.

Republican Sen. Bob Corker shockingly said President Trump doesn’t have the “stability” to be president.
Did Sen. Corker ever say anything like that about President Barack Obama and his radical agenda?
Of course he didn’t.

When Congress comes back in session in September, it should be focused on passing much-needed tax cuts, a new infrasture bill, and finally fix our broken healthcare system
And dozens of new laws I outlined in “Big Agenda” that will make America #1 on the world stage again.
But the media’s war on President Trump has taken a huge toll.

His polls numbers are down and dropping.
The establishment sharks are circling.

I am writing to you today to help protect and defend our president and turn the tables on both the media and Washington insiders.

President Trump needs our help today. Right now. He is in serious jeopardy — and if we don’t act now, I fear the worst.

We at the David Horowitz Freedom Center have a 29-year track record of exposing media bias and liberal political correctness.

We took on liberal college campuses, and today hundreds of conservative organizations flourish because of our intervention.

We have taken on the Hollywood establishment and exposed them.

Today, conservative filmmakers can actually prosper and do incredible patriotic films.

But now we at the David Horowitz Freedom Center want to launch a nationwide campaign to support President Trump and expose the many lies being made against him.

We want to run powerful ads on television, on radio, and across the web.

We are going to target big media like CNN and MSNBC, and frankly shred them with the truth.
I am shocked no one is doing this to help President Trump.
Many, frankly, are afraid. Trump’s allies are being targeted one by one.

I know how the hard the left works.
You see back in the 1970s I was a leftist. I saw socialism as the answer.
But I had a revelation. The left was not helping people.
Instead of creating peace, love and prosperity, their policies were creating war, hate and economic depression.

Nothing has changed. The left hates Trump because he wants military policies that make America strong and defeat groups like ISIS and crazies like Kim Jong Un.
It is they who are sowing racial hatred.

And they don’t want President Trump’s economic reforms to go through, because they know the economy will boom, and they will be redfaced.

President Trump has always said he wants to Make America Great Again.

But the left and their allies in the media and the establishment want to feather their own nests.

They hate Trump so much, they would rather see the whole country fail to see our President hurt politically.

These people are sick.

But here’s the silver lining. Most Americans are like you and me.
They want a better, stronger America.

They want President Trump to succeed.

Every since President Trump was inaugurated – even before – the media has declared TOTAL war on President Trump.

Friends, we need to declare a REAL WAR on them.

That’s why we need your help in our program to educate the American people to the facts about Donald Trump, his agenda, and his successes.
But I need your help to do it.
I have a modest goal. We want to raise just $250,000 in the next seven days to launch our campaign.

This will help us to launch our AIR WAR on CNN, MSNBC, and the liberal establishment.

A donation of just $5,000 will allow me to run an ad that reaches over 2 million people on a major television network.
Just $2,500 will allow me to reach over 1.5 million people on a national radio network.
A $1,000 donation will allow me to saturate Facebook for a day.
Even $500 or $250 helps and adds to our war chest.

Every day the media is “spending” against our president by airing and reporting Fake News.
And nobody on our side is countering it.

I need your help today.
Can you please stand up for President Trump and the values that made America great?

Please remember your donation to the David Horowitz Freedom Center is tax deductible.

This is a most worthy cause. Please join with me and help our president.

Yours for America,
David Horowitz
David Horowitz Freedom Center

P.S. I just saw CNN bring on a psychiatrist claiming the president should be removed for office because he is “not sane.” The media is trying to say conservatives are mentally disturbed. This is the same tactic old communist regimes used against people in East Europe to destroy dissidents. I never thought this would happen here . . . but it is.
We must fight back and not allow this to become the new standard.

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