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Tucker Carlson Takes On True Form As Steam Roller, Flattens WaPo Reporter

Tucker Carlson calls out Washington Post’s Erik Wemple for being a hypocrite, talking about the fact that WaPo actually publishes Russian propaganda for profit

This man is a machine

The Washington Post, for years, many years, has literally carried paid propaganda from the Russian government, a section called Russia behind the headlines, it looks like news but it’s designed to fool readers in to thinking it’s real. And it’s pure propaganda paid for, distributed by, the Russian government with stories like – you know –  ‘We’re doing a great job in Crimea’ – why have you never written about that? How can you attack others when you don’t know that your own paper makes money from taking propaganda from the Russian government?

Erik Wemple didn’t have much of an answer for Tucker and had nothing to say as for why he would report on ‘Russian Fake News’ and attack Politico for ‘native advertising’ which is the same thing Washington Post does – according to Tucker Carlson.

This isn’t the first time we’ve had the pleasure of watching Tucker Carlson destroy a liberal. Like this babbling NYU Student, a VoxReporter, and a rich student who thinks the American flag is oppressive. Carlson absolutely destroyed Erik Wemple on several subjects regarding ‘fake news’ and unfair coverage from The Washington Post. Carlson even accused Wemple of being a “brown-noser” and a “political hack” who is pursuing a political agenda and calls him a ‘sleuth’ sarcastically. Wemple seems to be pretty upset by the end of it!

These tweets are a pretty accurate representation of what went down:

Watch the full video of the exchange here:

Sources: Fox News 
Milo Yiannopoulos, 16-2-2017

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