quinta-feira, 17 de agosto de 2017

Open letter to CNN

Regina Cunha

One more attack on European soil, we are transformed into cannon fodder, victims of an ideology of hatred that will only stop when there are no more human beings remaining on the planet. As a European, Portuguese, I blame you journalists of CNN for everything that is happening to my Continent... to my country. You, CNN (BBC and other world-wide media) are spreading the virus of Islam, to defile all countries, with your attitude towards these massacres.

How dare you blame a whole white community and President Trump for the isolated action of a madman whose motive is unknown, not doing it to the Islamic community even after all these tragedies, these carnage? When was the last time a white supremacist killed in the name of the cause? How many Americans came to the street to celebrate the death of innocents? Or how many Europeans?

Why instead of masturbating to denigrate the image of your president, do not denounce this satanic ideology that wants us all dead? To you the neo-Nazis are abominable? And what about the Antifa, the Black lives Metter or the DAESH, and other far-left groups that are as violent as the neo-Nazis? I accuse you CNN of turning the continent where I live in a nest of terrorism, by deliberately trying to curtail the actions of President Donald Trump. You do not deserve the president you have ... the few men who stand for Democracy, free will, and freedom. Many of us, the victims of these insane European politicians, depend on President Trump to reverse these massacres, but you Devil journalists are doing everything to stop him in this quest.

You CNN, and other channels of misinformation, European leaders and apologists of Islam have innocent blood in your hands!
Regina Cunha, Facebook, 17-8-2017


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  1. A CNN não está sozinha! Além da MNBC, tem a companhia dos jornais New York Post, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, USA Today... estes últimos são obcecados. Também a revista TIME.
    A mídia não americana simplesmente papagueia estas 'fontes'...

  2. Inglês espectacular. Gostei especialmente do "masturbate do denigrate". A única forma que esta senhora consegue tornar-se viral, é se apanhar uma gripe.


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