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After Newtown massacre, teachers learn how to make use of handguns in the western USA

Translated from Portuguese by Francisco Vianna
Kasey Hansen, a special education teacher from Salt Lake City, Utah, said she would take a bullet to defend any of her pupils, but if she were before a gunned individual threatening her classroom pupils, she would have guts enough to react by shooting it.
Last Thursday, she was one of the 200 teachers from Utah who got together at a sport arena to be drilling on how to handle and use firearms, taught by pro-arms groups. These activists say armed educators might have a good chance of preventing fatal and aleatory shootouts in schools.

Teacher learns how to make use of a gunfire at a school in West Valley City, Utah, in the western USA. Photo: George Frey/Getty Images/AFP
This event was organized by the Sportive Shot Council of Utah, two weeks after the Newtown massacre, in the last 14th. In the carnage, a 20 years old mad guy shot and killed 20 children and six employees of the Sandy Hook School, in Connecticut.
The Council says that normally attracts some 16 teachers per year to its courses on the handling and use of handguns personal firearms, which all citizens have a right to possess and bear as privately or discretely in public, according to the 2nd Amendment to the American Constitution.
But the Thursday’s (27th) event near Salt Lake City, organized especially for teachers after the Newtown massacre in Connecticut, has attracted attention of hundreds of people, and the class was restrict for only 200 of them owing to room limitation.
"I feel able to catch a bullet to defend any pupil into the school district", asserted Kasey, a teacher on special education at a school of a Salt Lake City district, who talked to Reuters after the training session. "If, any time further, I have to confront a shooter like that one in Connecticut, I’ll be sheer ready and prepared to stop him with my firearm", she said, adding that she plans to purchase her own gun soon and take it to her workplace.

The Newtown massacre reignited a longstanding national debate over armed security. President Barack Obama signaled that he’ll support to a legislation that might prohibit possession and bearing of assault heavy guns like rifles and machineguns and appealed to the Congress to act out.
The National Rifle Association (NRA) defended the deployment of gunned guards in schools and rebuked new prohibitive measures designed to control personal firearms. The National Education Association and some school sector’s authorities criticized NRA’s attitude, but defenders of arms received a warm reception in many parts of the Western USA, where hunting and arm bearers are a majority.
Utah is still one of the few States where bearing a firearm is allowed to general public including into school facilities, according the National Conference of State Legislatures.
In Arizona, the Public Attorney Tom Horne entered the debate, last Wednesday, over school security by proposing a permit to any school to start drilling its staff and Director on how to deal, handle and use personal defensive firearms.
The plan, provided that being supported by at least three teachers, will demand the State Congress’s approval as well as the Republican Governor’s Jan Brewer one.
From Reuters – Translated from Portuguese by Francisco Vianna, December 28, 2012

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