segunda-feira, 29 de agosto de 2016

Hillary Could Shoot A Puppy, And The Media Wouldn't Care

Ben Shapiro

So, Hillary Clinton’s a criminal.
We all know it. That’s no shock.

But the extent of her criminality is truly incredible. It now turns out that Hillary didn’t just wipe her email server with a cloth. She used BleachBit, a program designed to completely obliterate any information that could have been recovered. As Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) put it, “She and her lawyers had those emails deleted, and they didn’t just push the delete button. They had them deleted where even God can’t read them….You don’t use Bleachbit for yoga emails or bridesmaids’ emails. When you’re using Bleachbit, it is something you really do not want the world to see.”

Gowdy also stated that the FBI didn’t even bother to ask Hillary Clinton about her intentions in setting up her email server or wiping it. That’s unbelievable, especially considering that the FBI’s fig leaf for not recommending Hillary’s indictment rested entirely on the notion that Hillary lacked the requisite legal intent for criminal activity.

But they didn’t ask her about her intent.

Meanwhile, we’re learning that a huge percentage of Huma Abedin’s discovered emails have been redacted for Congressional viewing – meaning that she too passed classified information over insecure servers.

There are thousands and thousands of Hillary emails still to come. No doubt they contain more corruption and evidence that the State Department and Clinton Foundation were one and the same.

And the media don't care. Hillary could shoot a puppy, and the media would say there's no smoking gun; she could present them the smoking gun, and they'd say that the gun doesn't have a bullet in it anymore. The left has lost its mind for over four decades thanks to 18 missing minutes of Nixon tape. Hillary used battery acid to destroy tens of thousands of emails, and it's no biggie.

It won’t matter much, because our government is so broken that Americans mostly dismiss allegations of political corruption. They’re far more interested in personal scandals, including those surrounding Trump’s campaign manager, Steve Bannon. But Hillary continues to be a slow-rolling tsunami of perversity and corruption.

Ben Shapiro, The Daily Wire, Aug. 27.2016

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