domingo, 27 de janeiro de 2013

A succession of impostures

The gang of Cuban communists along with 'Bolivarian' followers of the deceased "Hugorila Chávez" tried to fool their people and the whole world, by using a Chávez's double and training him hard to the exhaustion so that the guy could perform as better as he might do the role of the Venezuelan dictator.
Their intention was taking him to Venezuela, from Cuba, pretending to be Chávez and inaugurating a new term as President of the country and, then, bringing him back to Havana to continue "his" medical treatment.
Last week the double guy was undergone a series of tests, when they put him to be seen by people familiar with Chávez in order to know if the double were actually recognized as the caudillo himself and eventually managed to succeed.
But everything went wrong: most of the familiar persons to Chávez instantly saw the guy was not the President, and said "This is not President Chávez"!

The fake Chávez in the whole forgery...
After the double guy fiasco, they had to abort such a sort of "Resurrected Jesus operation” designed to fool the Venezuelan people and the whole world...
To divert the attention on this "imbroglio" and forgery, they invented an “attempted attack” against the two communist rats, Maduro and a military official, who are both in Havana planning shits like that...
Another planned coup against a fragile and almost ruined Democracy in Venezuela, but, most of all, another communist fiasco exposed before the world.
Now they are desperate and there's no alternative but to tell the cruel truth: Chavez is already dead!
And do you wonder the source of this story? Well, I’ve just heard it from a bird through a grapevine in Cuba...
Author: not me, but who cares?

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