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The Lowest of the Low Responses to Trump and Putin

Here's the Deal, 19-7-2018

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  1. As the daughter of Harlan Carl Christiansen, Youngest Survivor of the U.S.S. Arizona Pearl Harbor I do not appreciate Jill Wine-Banks comment regarding Pearl Harbor. My Uncle Edward Lee Christiansen lost his life that infamous day and is forever entombed in his watery grave. I can assure her if either of them were still here today they would have a few things to say to her themselves. They were true American Patriots unlike her.

    They served their country with heart, soul and Edward with his life. They stood for all that was good in our country and for the future of all Americans. They believed 100% in our Constitution but would be appalled at the way some so called politicians and others use our right to free speech to trash President Trump on a daily basis.

    The politicians and others partaking in such actions can tell America their motives are pro-American while trying to hide their ulterior motives like a child struggles to hide the extra cookie they took from the cookie jar from their mother. But, the crumbs that lead to the truth will always reveal it. They operate under a shared vision of covering up all the ill gotten gains and illicit wrong doings they and their co-conspirators have done hoping they will not be caught. For if to many start to fall the whole of them will tumble as quickly as a line of dominos. They live in shear terror of their foe Donald Trump. It shows on their faces and in their actions as they strive to take him down. It’s easy to see in their eyes that scream with hatred the way flashing red warning lights scream stop.

    But, they cannot stop for if they cease their relentless attack on our President they will cease to be themselves. So if my father and my uncle were with us today they would say “Keep going and stay strong against those that seek to tear you down Mr. President. They aren’t worth your time worrying about. No man is perfect but your doing a hell of a good job!” #maga #iwalkedaway #yougotthismrpresdent

  2. Amigos, inimigos e os outros

    Trump não considera o Kremlin, nem a EU, nem a China, como “amigos ou inimigos”, mas “competidores”. Às vezes diz “adversários” (foes). Exclui daí o Irão, que continua nas trevas exteriores.
    Esta nova doutrina Trump, desarmante, embora não desarmada, ainda está por sistematizar e escrever, e se calhar é intraduzível para seres pensantes. Mas marca algo que não víamos desde 1900: uma América desconfiada do mundo exterior, que prefere outra vez crescer para dentro, e que dá mais valor às percepções do seu público, do que aos aplausos e apupos globais.
    Mas ainda assim, antes de encontrar Putin, Trump subscreveu um documento NATO de 79 pontos. 12 descrevem a Rússia como uma ameaça e um perigo...”
    Nuno Rogeiro, in “SÁBADO”, nº 742, de 19 a 25 de julho de 2108


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