quinta-feira, 8 de novembro de 2018

Post Midterm Updates

Ben Garrison

President Trump lost the Republican majority in the House, which was not unexpected. However, he gained more seats in the Senate, which was not expected.

Now we’ll see how well he can navigate the choppy waters over the last two years of his first term. I expect him to sail toward an easy reelection in 2020.

Despite Pelosi and Maxine Waters’ combined insanity, there will be no impeachment. It would never get past the Senate, but we can expect them to ramp up the seasick ‘Russia Russia Russia’ narrative, for which they have no evidence at all.

It may not be smooth sailing, but Trump can employ his signature “Art of the Deal” when it comes to compromising with the Democrats as he continues to steer the Ship of State in the RIGHT direction.

Trump has:

The Presidency,
The Senate,
Federal Judges,
The American People.

Pelosi Has:

A small majority in the House.

Ben Garrison, November 8, 2018

PS. Yes, we are disappointed that our own state reelected a Deep State Stooge,  Jon Tester.

PSS. We are pretty excited that Jeff Sessions has resigned at the President's request.  Buckle up. Things are about to get very interesting.

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