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Andrew Klavan: Who Put the BS in BDS?

In which our host, Andrew Klavan, points out that the leftists behind the current Boycott, Divestment and Sanction, or BDS, efforts against the State of Israel are not at all anti-semitic. They just hate Jews and want to kill them...

I’m Andrew Klavan and this is the Revolting Truth.
Many[1] people have voiced disapproval of the BDS movement. Personally, I feel if some hapless schmuck likes to be chained up while a woman smacks him with a whip that’s nobody’s business but...  No, wait, maybe that’s BDSM, the sex thing. BDS is the one where they want to kill all the Jews. Eh, that’s not so good.

Of[2] course the BDS movement doesn’t really want to kill all the Jews. They just want boycotts, divestments and sanctions against the state of Israel until the nation’s so weak it can be overrun by its enemies so THEY can kill all the Jews.  So it’s not like BDSers are Nazis or anything.  They’re more like the Nazis’ cute little sidekicks.  Like Hitler and the Seven Dwarves!  Stinky, Nasty, Junky, Lousy, Crappy and Himmler...  and... Doc.

You see, Hitler’s horrific racist slaughter of Jewish people taught left wingers that we mustn’t demonize the Other. And Edward Said’s book Orientalism taught left wingers that the Other equals Palestinian Muslims.  And Palestinian Muslims want to destroy Israel so left wingers have to help kill all the Jews to prevent another Holocaust. 

But[3] there are plenty of other reasons to boycott Israel too! For instance, women’s rights!  In Saudi Arabia, women can’t leave home without a male escort and they’re forced to wear veils and robes covering every inch of their skin. In Israel they just let the pesky critters run around free wearing whatever they want... which can cause men to have all kinds of filthy thoughts. I’m having some now. It’s disturbing.

Likewise[4], in Israel there’s all this religious tension because Israel lets people of all faiths worship in whatever way they want. You don’t see religious dissent in Muslim countries. Are you kidding? Those people’ll kill you!  So BDS wants to bring Israel down in order to keep religious peace throughout the Middle East. 

The[5] key point is that just because BDSers are trying to destroy the Jewish state alone out of all the nations, just because they’re holding Israel to a higher standard than other countries in the region, just because they’re targeting the one Middle Eastern land where people are free and differences are tolerated, that doesn’t mean they’re anti-semitic.  They’re probably great people...  who just haven’t really thought things through.
I’m Andrew Klavan with the RevoltingTruth.

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