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Gab.ai de-platformed by Google

Ethan Huff

(Natural News) A popular social media alternative to Twitter has reportedly been “suspended and removed” from the Google Play Store for alleged “hate speech” –at the very same time, it’s important to note, that Google, Facebook, Twitter and many other mainstream social media and tech platforms are openly tolerating racist, anti-American, and even pro-pedophilia content on their own platforms.

Reports indicate that Google officially pulled the plug on Gab.ai for the second time on September 9, the tech behemoth’s excuse being that its “global filter on ‘hate speech’ words” was triggered by some Gab.ai users.

While Gab.ai admittedly has some unsavory users, as all social media platforms do, the platform’s promise is to uphold its commitment to free speech – which is more than can be said for Google, which has been on a censorship melee in recent weeks.

Gab.ai CEO Andrew Torba published a list of all the “hate” words that Google filters out of its Play Store, which is apparently quite extensive. At the same time, Google allows all sorts of evil to pervade its various platforms, proving once again that the world’s most evil search engine is discriminately selective in what it chooses to filter.

“Weird that apps which allow pedophiles to roam freely and prey on young children (Twitter, Periscope, Mastodon) are all allowed on the App Stores. But Gab.ai, which takes a hardline stance against illegal pornography and child abuse, is not allowed,” Torba said in a statement.

Leftists are going after ALL forms of online free speech that they don’t like

The reason why Google, Twitter, Periscope, et al. seem to have no concern for protecting innocent children and shielding users from violent and sexual predators is because these leftist corporations actually support such evil. What they don’t support, and wish to stamp out, is free speech that violates their agenda, aka “terms and conditions.”

Keep in mind that Microsoft has similarly threatened Gab.ai with removal from its web servers, citing platform content that it said constituted “hate speech.”

This threat opened up a whole new Pandora’s Box of potential censorship, seeing as how Gab.ai pays Microsoft to host its platform on Microsoft servers. So long as nothing explicitly illegal is taking place at Gab.ai, there’s no viable or legal justification for Microsoft to control the content on Gab.ai.

Web hosting and app stores are two completely different things, and yet Big Tech seems to be targeting free speech on both fronts. This is the inherent danger with monopolistic web and content providers that, when they amass the type of power they currently have, seem to be able to throw their weight around without consequence.

It’s something that Mike Cernovich, Alex Jones, and many others have warned about: the complete takeover of the web by leftist totalitarians who plan to control all free speech on the internet. In fact, it goes well beyond the internet, seeing as how the “cloud” is fast becoming an integral part of everyday existence, both online and off.

“Censorship and closed systems are ultimately about two things: destruction and control,” the Gab.ai website now reads, contending that a free and open internet “is essential to the future of a free world.”

“Censorship does not create value, it annihilates it. It corrals human thought into the direction of its choosing. It attempts to bend the global consciousness to its will. This has always historically been the case. Censorship is nothing new.”

To keep up with the latest news about the leftist assault on free speech, be sure to check out Censorship.news.

You can also watch uncensored truth videos at REAL.video.

Sources for this article include:

Ethan Huff, D.C. Clothesline, September 15, 2018


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