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Los Angeles Times editorial board releases massive editorial series on 'Beating Trump'; says 'undoing the great mistake of 2016' is all that matters

Sounds like an objective newspaper that can be trusted to cover the news fairly, right?

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Leon Wolf

Over a year before the 2020 general election, before the first ballot is cast in the Democratic primary, the Los Angeles Times editorial board has released an editorial series that clearly shows the paper's editors' obsession with beating Trump, regardless of who his opponent is.

The paper proudly rolled out the editorial series Friday, and titled it, "Beating Trump." The series contains a litany of complaints about the Trump administration and features pieces that express the editorial board's angst about the fact that Trump is president, such as "Undoing the great mistake of 2016," "Trump's presidency is a trainwreck. Let us count the ways," and "Cleaning up Trump's mess."

Not being content with several thousand words of complaints about Trump, a substantial portion of the series is dedicated to helpful coaching for Democrat voters with regards to which candidate to pick.

One such piece argues explicitly that Democrats should forget their policy concerns and preferences and instead focus on picking a candidate who can defeat Trump, regardless of what that candidate believes. In the editorial, titled, "Sorry, electability matters," the author argues that "the single most important issue in 2020 is ending the misrule of Donald Trump," apparently at any costs and no matter what a rival Democrat might do or believe.

Another piece argues for Democrats to put aside all their differences in policy in order to unite for the only goal that matters: having a president not named Donald Trump. The article, entitled, "Moderate and progressive Democrats have to unite to win backthe White House in 2020," argues that the only issue that matters is not being Trump.

Of course, the editorial board of the Los Angeles Times has been arguing for the better part of four years that defeating Trump is the only thing that matters, having said essentially the same thing during the 2016 election, and on numerous occasions since. Nonetheless, the Times' editors appear to believe that they have finally found the right combination of words that will convince the country to think like they do.
Leon Wolf, The Blaze, 20-10-2019

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