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Hillary FINALLY Holds Press Conference, Media Ask Her One Difficult Question

Ben Shapiro
So, after nearly a year of avoiding the media like a cat burglar avoiding the police, Hillary Clinton finally held a press conference on a tarmac with plane engines revving in the background. The media finally had their shot to ask her some tough questions. And there were plenty of questions to be asked: did she really not know that (C) stood for confidential on emails? Why did she have her aides hammer her phones to smithereens? Did she really believe no Americans died in Libya? Did she think that an Iran deal that lets Iran run roughshod through the Middle East was a good thing? Would she release her full medical records? If the Clinton Foundation has done nothing wrong, why is she talking about getting rid of foreign donations?

The questions are nearly endless, and after a year of buildup, the media had plenty of time to get those questions ready.

Instead, they removed their Hillary-branded drool cups from their man-purses and then proceeded to fleck Hillary with the saliva of adoration.

These were actualquestions: how about the polls? Is criticism that you don’t smile enough sexist? Are intelligence officials really displeased with the Obama administration’s decisions? Are the media too easy on Trump? Why didn’t Gary Johnson know what Aleppo is? Only one true question was asked: did Hillary not know there were already troops on the ground in Iraq? Hillary evaded that one.

When Andrea Mitchell of MSNBC tried to ask Hillary about comments by a campaign surrogate that ISIS supported Trump, Hillary merely grinned and said, “I love you, Andrea. You are indefatigable. You’re my kind of woman.”

All of which requires us to ask a simple question: why did Hillary avoid the media all this time? They’re on her side. They want to see her elected. This is an actual picture of the media waiting to see her aboard her plane a few days ago:

Cambada de puxa-sacos
So why did Hillary run from them? Because she’s so paranoid that she thinks she’ll be held to account by her own lapdogs. Which also explains why she tried to hide her emails, even though she could have left evidence of killing her opponents there and the media would have covered for her.

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