sexta-feira, 31 de agosto de 2012

Eastwood comes out shooting: 'Biden is the intellect of the Democratic Party'

Benny Johnson

Photo: AFP/Getty Images
Clint Eastwood. Hollywood legend.  Just told Barrack Hussein Obama to “make his day,” along with thousands of Conservatives, Libertarians and Republicans in Tampa at the Republican National Convention.
In a moment that will be remembered for conventions to come, the gunslinger came out shooting.   A steady aim at the Administration and the policies of the last four years. The Eastwood speech was steady and grit filled.
The convention swelled to a fever-pitch as the mega-tron screen went black and a massive silhouette of the iconic cowboy appeared behind a western canyon.
Eastwood began by assuring the crowd that there were conservatives in Hollywood.  It’s just that ”they don’t go around hotdogging it.”
Benny Johnson, The Blaze

 O vídeo oficial: 

Forget the empty chair: Eastwood really talks with Obama

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