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Jordan Peterson breaks down in tears describing Antifa: They're 'worse than animals'

Phil Shiver

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Popular psychologist and author Dr. Jordan Peterson recently got emotional while discussing the psychology of Antifa and other violent leftist rioters, calling them "worse than animals."

The poignant remarks came during a recent episode of Peterson's podcast, during which the former University of Toronto professor interviewed independent journalist Andy Ngo about his up close and personal experiences with the mob.

As part of the discussion, Ngo recalled a time when a mob of rioters in Minnesota kicked a man's teeth in gleefully. To his confusion, he said, the violent act elicited enthusiasm from the crowd.

Later, Ngo asked Peterson his perspective on the motivations behind rioters' actions.

"I wanted to ask you — based on your knowledge, your background, your clinical experience — what is the psychology of this mob violence? When I see it, I don’t even recognize some of these — it seems animalistic is what I mean."

"They’re worse than animals," Jordan replied. "They’re worse than animals because animals, they just kill to eat, you know. Human beings, they have a twist in them that makes them far worse than animals once they really get going."

"You really want to know what I think," Peterson continued. "I think it’s revenge against God for the crime of being. That’s really what I think. It’s 'Cain' in [the story of] Cain and Abel.

"Like, ‘Oh, Abel’s your guy, what if I take him out into a field and beat him to death. How do you feel about that?'" he said.

"All my sacrifices went unrewarded. Yeah," a teary-eyed Peterson added, his voice starting to crack. "Yeah, that’s what it is at the bottom of the hell of things."

Moments earlier, Peterson pushed back against the idea that rioters celebrate violent actions because of some inner, though twisted, sense of justice — such as "a fascist or racist [getting] the violence against them they deserve," as suggested by Ngo.

"I don't believe that, because I don't think they're that good," Peterson said.

"I think they're celebrating watching some poor son of b***h get hurt and that satisfies something unbelievably dark in their souls like the desire to burn, the desire to burn down buildings, the desire to melt cars, the desire for the whole goddamn ting to go up in flames because they're resentful and bitter," he explained.

Phil Shiver, The Blaze, April 4, 2022

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