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Biden intends to sign UN gun ban

Dear Fellow Patriot,

The United Nations' "Small Arms Treaty" has been the Gun Control Lobby's crown jewel for decades. 

They've been waiting for an anti-gun President, like Joe Biden, to take the White House so they can launch an all-out effort to ratify it in the U.S. Senate

Now they think they finally see their opportunity to ram it through

But you and I have a chance to stop them cold -- as long as we take IMMEDIATE action to help dismantle this dangerous Treaty

As Dudley Brown, President of the National Association for Gun Rights, explains in the email below, it's absolutely critical we act now! 

The Hon. Rand Paul
U.S. Senator (R-KY)

Dear Fellow Patriot,


That was the headline in the Washington Examiner shortly after President Biden's State Department spokesman told international bureaucrats of "the continuing commitment of the United States" to the UN's "Small Arms Treaty" during the gun control Conference of State Parties in Geneva, Switzerland.

Just a few weeks later, President Biden himself spoke before the United Nations in New York City, stating:

"We'll continue to uphold the long-standing rules and norms... Bedrock commitments, like support for arms control measures to reduce the risk and enhance transparency."

Fellow Patriot, anyone hoping that President Biden wouldn't use his bully pulpit to RAM the UN's "Small Arms Treaty" down the throats of Americans just got those hopes CRUSHED.

The battle over implementation of the UN's "Small Arms Treaty" -- the crown jewel in the gun grabbers' designs for the globe -- is about to reach a fever pitch.

That's why I'm counting on you to please sign your OFFICIAL FIREARMS SOVEREIGNTY SURVEY to tell your U.S. Senators "NO UN GUN BAN" at once!

As you'll see, this survey insists that your U.S. Senators do everything in their power to oppose the UN "Small Arms Treaty" in the U.S. Senate.

If there's anything we've learned, it's that globalists have been telling LIES about the supposed "need" for the UN's "Small Arms Treaty" for years.

From the beginning, gun grabbers have claimed the purpose of the Treaty is keeping arms out of the hands of terrorists, insurgents, rogue states, and gang members.

But at the very same time the Biden Administration was pledging their support for the UN's "Small Arms Treaty," they were leaving $83 BILLION in U.S. military weaponry to the Taliban!

They don't care about keeping guns out of the hands of terrorists.

They care about keeping guns out of the hands of law-abiding Americans!

Reading through the details of the UN "Small Arms Treaty," it's hard to see how our Second Amendment could survive, if ratified.

For starters, the Treaty text demands the U.S. identity "end users" (gun buyers), document "the quantity, value, and model/type" of firearms and ammunition, and develop "national control standards" to regulate transfers.

In other words, by design it's an International Gun Registry that'll include detailed information on American gun owners just like you -- the first step toward outright CONFISCATION.

Worse, all that information would be made accessible by despots and foreign governments including the Treaty's largest signer -- Communist China.

As you can see, it's vital you sign your OFFICIAL FIREARMS SOVEREIGNTY SURVEY to your U.S. Senators demanding they reject this scheme!

Once a nation signs on, the UN's goal is to quickly impose "International Small Arms Control Standards" (ISACS) on them. Introductory language already includes:

*** Mandated national "screening" for those seeking to own guns, giving bureaucrats the final say on whether or not you're "competent" enough to own a firearm;

*** Restrictive licensing for gun and ammo sales, and perhaps even bans on anything from semi-auto rifles to shotguns and handguns;

*** Restrictions on the number of guns and amount of ammo any "properly-licensed" individual may legally own;

*** Bans on magazines holding more than ten rounds; and

*** Bans on owning a firearm for self-defense -- unless a citizen can somehow get government approval (which will only happen if you're "connected" -- or paid half-a-million dollars for one of Hunter Biden's paintings).

Believe me, the United Nations has no intention of slow walking any of this. To them, your Second Amendment freedoms are a threat to their grand "utopian" designs.

Enemies like Red China are so eager to see every American disarmed they're pouring money into the UN "Small Arms Treaty" hand-over-fist.

So, it's no wonder why they're hell-bent on forcing the U.S. to submit to this globalist gun control scam -- and why we must defeat it!

I'm counting on you to help beat the UN by signing your OFFICIAL FIREARMSSOVEREIGNTY SURVEY to your U.S. Senators.

As soon the gun grabbers have 67 votes to ratify the Treaty in the U.S. Senate, you can bet Biden's pal, Sen. Chuck Schumer, will call for the vote.

But we can't wait until then to fight back because even now, one-world bureaucrats are these gun controls deep into every part of government.

On top of Biden's ATF anti-gun executive actions, a headline from The Hill shows how "Democrats' latest backdoor plan to limit gun ownership" involves new State Department "sanctions" designed to drive the price of ammo by BANNING imports.

That's the same State Department which NAGR caught red-handed trying to siphon your tax dollars into funding the UN "Small Arms Treaty."

Worse, since day one of the COVID-19 outbreak, our court system has said yes to almost any politician cooking up any unconstitutional idea so long as it's under the guise of "public health."

So now Biden's Center for Disease Control (CDC) is pushing a new Euro-centric gun control framework that says "Using a public health approach is essential to addressing firearm violence and keeping people safe and healthy."

That's why insisting that your U.S. Senators OPPOSE the ratification of the UN's "Small Arms Treaty" is not enough.

We must insist that the U.S. Senate ensures that NOT ONE TAXPAYER CENT is spent by Biden on implementing any part of this Treaty or what it stands for.

But I'm counting on your help to send that message -- before it's too late.

First, please sign your OFFICIAL FIREARMS SOVEREIGNTY SURVEY to tell your U.S.Senators "NO UN GUN BAN" at once.

Second, please agree to your most generous contribution to help the National Association for Gun Rights mobilize a grassroots firestorm against the UN's "Small Arms Treaty" -- using everything from U.S. Mail, to phones, to email, blogs, and guest editorials, hard-hitting video and even paid media if we can raise resources.

If at all possible, I'm hoping you'll agree to $100.

I know that's a lot to ask for, believe me. But the fight is here, Fellow Patriot. It's on. There's no time to wait.

Butif $100 is just too much -- even given the urgency of the situation -- please agree to $30, or at least $15 TODAY.

Whatever you can do, please act IMMEDIATELY. There's no time to waste.

For Freedom,

Dudley Brown
National Association for Gun Rights

P.S. Reports say the Biden Administration will be signing on to the UN "Small Arms Treaty" any day, setting up an all-out fight over ratification and implementation here in the United States.

Please help fight back.

So will you please sign your OFFICIAL FIREARMS SOVEREIGNTY SURVEY IMMEDIATELY along with your most generous contribution of $100 TODAY?

Whatever you can give, even just $30 or $15 will go a long way towards helping NAGR defeat this unconstitutional Treaty once and for all.

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