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Massive trucker protest takes over Ottawa. Justin Trudeau reportedly moved to secret location ahead of 'Freedom Convoy' rally (Vídeos)

Truckers and protesters showed up in huge numbers as the Freedom Convoy descended upon Ottawa, Ontario. Despite subzero windchill temperatures on Saturday, Canadians mounted a large protest against vaccine mandates. Massive crowds peacefully protested against government overreach near Parliament Hill.

Truckers were protesting an order that went into effect on Jan. 15, requiring unvaccinated Canadian truckers re-entering the country from the U.S. to get tested for COVID-19 and quarantine themselves. There was reportedly a convoy of up to 50,000 Canadian truck drivers who traveled to Canada's capital to protest the vaccine mandates.

The CBC reported that Trudeau left Rideau Cottage early Saturday for security reasons, and was transported to a secret location with his family.

Trudeau's press secretary Ann-Clara Vaillancourt responded, "The Prime Minister is continuing to isolate in the National Capital Region & work remotely. We’ve consulted Ottawa Public Health on appropriate protocols. As always, we do not comment on security matters."

Last week, Trudeau called the trucker convoy a "small fringe minority of people" who are "holding unacceptable views that they are expressing do not represent the views of Canadians who have been there for each other."

There were thousands of protesters, many waving Canadian flags and some were holding signs expressing contempt toward Trudeau.

Paul Sacca, The Blaze, 30-1-2022
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