domingo, 13 de março de 2022

Biden Sets a Trap for Israel

Caroline Glick

Why is Israel being castigated as insufficiently anti-Russian by the Ukrainians and the administration? Why is Naftali Bennett trying to mediate between Russia and Ukraine when Israel has no leverage to use to persuade either side to compromise with the other? And how is all of this tied to the Iran nuclear deal that the Biden administration is obsessively pursuing?

And if we’re already asking these sorts of questions, how does Turkey fit into the overall picture?

To try to answer these and other questions, last week I spoke with Hudson Institute fellow Michael Doran in the Mideast News Hour. Despite the slight delay in posting the episode due to technical difficulties, it remains timely and if I may say so, vital to understanding the strategic morass that is only growing with each passing day, ensnaring all in its path.

To watch/listen click here or on the photo above.

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