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Is Ukraine really the target?

Dear Reader,  

If you feel like there’s something strange about the conflict in Ukraine…  

You are not alone.  

On the surface, there are many things about it just don’t make sense.  

For example…  

According to Russian media, Putin’s attack decimated his own country’s stock market…  

Energy flows are being shut off…  

And according to The Wall Street Journal, Russia could soon be completely cut out of the SWIFT international banking system.  

Why would Putin torpedo his own country? What is his plan?  

I spoke with eminent investment analyst Jeff Brown and he says:  

“Kicking Russia out of SWIFT would be a disaster… it could kick off a bigger war — a cyber war that resets the entire global financial system. This is no hyperbole. Russia has some of the best computer scientists and cryptographers on the planet to back it up.”  

Brown went on to explain why everything may not be as it seems.  

“To the untrained eye, none of this makes sense… but when you look deeper, Russia’s desire is much bigger than it appears. It wants to begin the process of reestablishing its Imperial borders. Even larger, this could be the first domino in a bigger plan by Russia and China to reset the global financial system and overthrow the U.S. Dollar.  

My advice? Keep an eye on Taiwan.”  

What happens if our financial system is reset? And what does it mean for your money?  

I scrambled a cameraman and asked Jeff to do a quick interview to explain exactly what it all means.  

Go here to see what he said.  


Chris Hurt

Host, Last Dollar Media, March 30, 2022

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