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Viral video shows man confront Tucker Carlson in fishing store — but it doesn't go as man hoped: 'Tucker wins again'

Chris Enloe

A video going viral on social media shows an enraged man confront Fox News host Tucker Carlson inside a outdoor equipment retail store, condemning Carlson as "the worst human being known to man."

What happened?

The enraged man, Dan Bailey, posted the video to Instagram showing the confrontation that happened on Friday.

"You are the worst human being known to man. I want you to know that," Bailey told Carlson. "What you have done to this state, to the United States, to everything else in this world. I don't care that your daughter's here. What you have done to everybody else in this world."

Carlson, who was laughing at Bailey, said, "Settle down, son."

Bailey shot back, "'Son?' Don't call me son!"

Carlson then walked away from Bailey, who continued to follow and berate the Fox News host.

What was the reaction?

While many people praised Bailey for his actions, just as many condemned him.

· "This is pretty embarrassing but not for Tucker Carlson," Daily Wire editor Emily Zanotti said, to which Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) agreed, "true that."

· "Tucker seemed polite, he's just laughing because he knows that this is a guy that shouldn't be taken seriously," one person said.

· "Tucker remains composed when getting harassed just makes him look better," another person noted.

· "The fly fishing guide should be ashamed for doing it, and you should be ashamed for celebrating it. These TV commentators, regardless of their political stances, shouldn't have to deal with this crap outside of work. They are still human beings, and they deserve better," another person said.

· "Thanks for showing how this guy following Tucker around a store looks like a creep. Yikes!" one person noted.

· "This is really embarrassing and not for Tucker Carlson," one person said.

·  "This makes me like Tucker more," another person said.

·  "Fat dude makes Tucker laugh. Democrats call weird things 'victory,'" one person mocked.

· "You think that this confrontation that you created makes you look like a hero…. It reality you are an a**hole who harassed a guy who is wanting to shop for fishing gear," another person said.

· "This is so god d**n embarrassing... Just not for @TuckerCarlson lol Imagine being this hysterical because someone has a different opinion to you," one person said.

·  "Tucker wins again," another person observed.

What did the outdoor store say?

The store where the confrontation happened, ironically named Dan Bailey's Outdoor Co., released a statement that distanced the store from the customer who confronted Carlson.

"On July 23rd, a well-known television personality, Tucker Carlson, was affronted while shopping at Dan Bailey's Outdoor Company," the statement began. "Coincidentally, the person engaging Mr. Carlson was a local resident named Dan Bailey. This person has no affiliation with our business, other than he shares the same name as our founder, who passed away in 1982."

"To be clear, we treat every customer equally and respectfully. Our staff was professional and cordial to Mr. Carlson, as we are with all of our customers," the statement added. 

Chris Enloe, The Blaze, July 25, 2021

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